Private Label Cosmetic Production in Turkey

private label cosmetic

Private Label Production, by passing over the expense of installing a new facility for a product,  can be mentioned as having the production of the product having in the infrastructure available to produce the related product. This way it becomes possible to obtain higher turnovers by reducing the expenses for the installation of the facility and operating by adding the same to marketing power.  The biggest advantage of Private Label Production is to have everyone to do the best easily in the area of specialization by having the concentration of the producer company on the production while marketing and distribution companies concentration on their of works and businesses.

Pravite Label Protuction


  • You concentrate on the marketing and distribution. Do the work you best know!
  • You do not lose time with production and test processes
  • You do not strive with official procedures
  • You are freed from the expenses of new facility
  • You have the chance to reduce your operating expenses
  • If you want to make profit from the sales of the product, you do not need to have production experience
  • You do not lose time with troublesome printing house, packaging and raw materials


  1. Product Design and Presentation:All design in preparation to production, presentation staged and obtaining the approval (Preliminary Preparation, Graphic and Technical Drawings).
  2. Formula Study:Preparation of the product’s formula in the direction of customer’s demand and production of the sample.
  3. Packaging Design and Pattern Production:Special packaging design for the product to be produced.  Completion of technical drawing process for the pattern and pattern production.
  4. Quality Standards and Ministry Permissions:Developing the production by being in  compliance with Quality Standards such as ISO and GMP. Obtaining the Ministry Permissions related to the product.
  5. Tests:Conformity Tests in the direction of product’s aim for its using (dermatological, microbiological, environment…)
  6. Production and Delivery:Together with the completion of preparation process we expressed in five parts, delivery is done within the shortest period of time by doing the production in the requested quantity.



  • 200,000 pieces/day hardGel capsule filling capacity
  • 1,500,000 pieces/day softGel capsule filling capacity
  • 600,000 pieces/day tablet press capacity
  • 30,000 pieces/day PvcAlu Blister packaging capacity
  • 250,000 pieces/day sachet packaging capacity
  • 200,000 pieces/day effervescent tablet press capacity
  • 200,000 pieces/day sachet gel filling capacity
  • 30,000 pieces/day Liquid filling capacity
  • 30,000 pieces/day end product packaging capacity
  • 5,000 pieces/day powder filling capacity


  1. Formulation Support assisting in the development of your products.
  2. Production Facility Installation Consultancy (Engineering, Architecture and Documentation…)
  3. Licensing of your products from T. R. Ministry of Food Agriculture Ministry and from   R. Ministry of Health.
  4. We present Inkjet Coding, Sleeve Application and production services in many other areas.