About Us

What we are offering as a wholesaler:

When you send your catalogues and wholesale price to us we can buy your products at a wholesale price and sell them to our existing or new customers. In this way, we will ensure to increase your brand recognition and the awareness of your products all around the world.

What we are offering as a producer & supplier:

We can produce custom and private label products for you. We usually work customer oriented and we have had really good results with our clients. It will be always a pleasure for us to meet you and talk about your special requirements.

Beside, we have business partnerships with manufacturing companies from different sectors which could allow us to supply any of your requirements.

Further more, our prices are very favorable and quite competitive comparing with the others.

What we are offering as a marketer:

We can help you to develop your business by marketing your products around the world. Our experienced marketing team can easily bring you optimum results by using our huge network and social media skill. 

If you want to do exporting and register some B2B portals (Turkish Export, Alibaba.com etc..), But you do not have a suffient marketing department and necessary languages to follow up the leads, we can assit to you.

  1. We will be connected with you like a Business Development Manager or a Seller Agent.
  2. We will promote your products all around the world through face to face meetings and also by sending them to potential clients.
  3. We will give you a significant support with B2B portals and CRM (supporting with multi-languages, negotiations etc). We have skills to convert a general contact into loyal customer.
  4. We could find you new customers and you could sell your products to them directly. In this case we can  work with you on commission.

We believe that we could be the key person to develop your business all around the world.